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10 Hot Jewish Moms to Watch in 2013

From Barbra Streisand to Mayim Bialik, maternal members of the tribe are meddling in all sorts of business this year.

Barbra Streisand: The Patron Saint of Jewish Mothers, Babs is a no-brainer addition to this list. The 70-year-old legend and multi-hyphenate entertainer recently returned to the big screen to play Seth Rogen’s neurotic, widowed mom in “The Guilt Trip,” and she’ll sing at the Oscars for the first time in 36 years on Feb. 24. While Adele plans to sing the “Skyfall” theme, Barbra will upstage her with “The Way We Were” in tribute to the iconic 1973 romantic drama co-starring Robert Redford. Barbra will also direct Cate Blanchett and Colin Firth in “Skinny and Cat,” a 1930s-set film about American photographer Margaret Bourke-White’s marriage to novelist Erskine Caldwell.

Natalie Portman: The 31-year-old beauty privately known as Natalie Hershlag has much to celebrate these days. She won an Oscar for her riveting, tour de force performance in the psychodrama “Black Swan,” and in June 2011, gave birth to her son, Aleph, with husband and ballet dancer-choreographer, Benjamin Millepied. Nearly two years later, Natalie is balancing mommyhood with a myriad of acting roles in the upcoming films “Knight of Cups” (a Terrence Malick-directed romance with Christian Bale), the sequel “Thor: The Dark World” and the western “Jane Got a Gun,” which soon begins shooting. She may also be moving to France: her hubby starts his new gig as Director of Dance at the Paris Opera Ballet circa September 2014.

Mayim Bialik: The self-described “aspiring Modern Orthodox” Jew and former teen star of the ‘90s sitcom “Blossom” is having a career resurgence, at 37, as neuroscientist Amy on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory,” for which she scored her first- ever Emmy nomination last year. Fun fact: post-“Blossom,” Mayim earned a Ph.D in neuroscience from UCLA,” plays several instruments and adheres to a strict vegan diet. She has two sons, Miles (7 years old) and Frederick (4), with estranged husband of nine years, Michael Stone. She filed for divorce in November, which means Mayim is ON THE MARKET. Let the matchmaking begin.

Judy Gold: The openly gay actress-comedian also has two sons (Henry and Ben) with her former partner, and in 2006, fronted an acclaimed one-woman show dubbed “25 Questions for a Jewish Mother,” which was inspired by conversations with 50- plus Jewish moms. Outspoken and brassy, Judy – a former writer/producer for “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” – juggles stage work (most recently another one-woman endeavor, “Judy Gold: My Life as a Sitcom”) with TV gigs hosting the Nick Jr. comedy show “Nickmom Night out” and spouting snark as a commentator on truTV presents “World’s Dumbest… .” The 50-year-old funny lady made a recent cameo on the last season of “30 Rock” and she’ll play a rabbi in the final season of Showtime’s “The Big C,” which kicks off in April.

Jennifer Connelly: The Oscar-winning “A Beautiful Mind” actress, known for her stunning features and Snow White complexion, lives quietly in Brooklyn with her family. Jennifer and her husband, actor Paul Bettany, are parents to sons Kai (from her relationship with photographer David Dugan) and Stellan as well as daughter Agnes Lark. After 2009’s “He’s Just Not That Into You,” the 42-year-old star fell off the grid somewhat, taking on roles in lackluster films not nearly as buzzy as Darren Aronofsky’s biblical drama “Noah,” co-starring Connelly and Russell Crowe. That much-anticipated movie hits theaters next year; in 2013, she acts alongside Crowe for the gazillionth time in a row for “Winter’s Tale,” a fantasy also featuring Will Smith. Yep, Jennifer’s getting her groove back.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: The 35-year-old actress from the cult “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV series is the celebrity daughter you wish you had, if you had a celebrity daughter. She’s sweet, stylish and has spectacular taste in men (her hubs in ‘90s heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr. He looked like this in 1999). The couple have a 3-year-old daughter, Charlotte, and a baby son Rocky, born last September. Sarah’s most recent credit, the CW drama “Ringer,” was canceled in 2012 after one season but don’t count her out just yet: it’s been reported that she may return to the small screen this fall to star in a sitcom that focuses on “the hijinks parents get into while their kids are not at home.”

Evan Rachel Wood: The 25-year-old actress is expecting her first child with actor Jamie Bell, whom she married last October. But she’s perhaps best known for her perplexingly on-off relationship with Goth-rocker Marilyn Manson as well as her work in such films as “Across the Universe,” “The Wrestler,” “Thirteen” and TV’s “True Blood.” She’ll next be seen in the crime-themed romance “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman” opposite Shia Labeouf (also a Jew), the dramedy “Barefoot” and “A Case of You,” about a woman who falls for a guy after meeting him via an online dating site. What she doesn’t know: he lied on his profile. JMoms: this is a no-no.

Gwyneth Paltrow: The 40-year-old multi-tasking mom is always up to something, whether it’s acting, running her lifestyle site Goop, cookbook author-ing, doing yoga with her Hollywood super-trainer Tracy Anderson or awkwardly dancing onstage at Jay-Z concerts. Don’t forget raising her whimsically-named children, Apple and Moses, with Coldplay’s Chris Martin. This spring, Gwyneth will reprise her role as Tony Stark’s loyal assistant/lover Pepper Potts in “Iron Man 3,” which opens May 3, and later in 2013, “33 dias,” her Spanish-language film with Antonio Banderas (he plays Picasso, she plays Picasso’s muse Dora Maar) is slated for release.

Alyson Hannigan: The 38-year-old actress first became famous as Buffy’s BFF Willow in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and as the sexually adventurous band geek from the “American Pie” movies. She’s since found success in the ensemble cast of the popular CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” where she plays adorably quirky teacher Lily (who’s married to goofball Marshall, portrayed by Jason Segel). Mother to two daughters with ex-“Buffy” co-star/now-husband Alexis Denisof, Alyson is a frequent fixture in tabloid photo spreads featuring celebrity moms pushing strollers (related: she must have some kind of deal with the paparazzi). Earlier this month, “HIMYM” was renewed for a ninth and final season, bringing the comedy to an end in 2014, when the mother of the future wife of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) will (finally) be revealed and Alyson is freed up to star in new projects.

Alicia Silverstone: The “Clueless” icon is now the most crunchy-granola celebri-mom on the planet. The actress-activist (her pet issues: animal rights, the environment) is a card-carrying vegan who made headlines last year after uploading a web video of herself regurgitating pre-chewed food into the mouth of her toddler son, Bear Blu, bird mom-style. "I can understand that it would make some people feel uncomfortable, possibly, because it's new to them," she said in defense. "But I do want to let you know that this has been going on for thousands of years -- still going on all over the place - - and it's natural." Did we mention Alicia still acts? Her film roster for 2013 includes “Gods Behaving Badly,” an intriguing-sounding comedy about Greek gods living in New York City that also stars Sharon Stone and Christopher Walken.


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